Project Roundup!

Since I haven’t done any quilting since I got back from my holiday (that was the beginning of October!) I think it would be a good idea to take stock of the situation and see what needs to be done.  So, here’s my list of quilting projects and the stage they are at:

1.  Oliver’s quilt: Piecing the top.  Need to decide on design for the reverse of the quilt.

2.  Dinosaur quilt:  Top pieced, material for back ready.  Time to baste.

3.  Pink hearts quilt.  Top pieced.  Decide what is to be on the reverse. Baste.

4. Neive’s Memory Quilt:  Technically, this project isn’t started yet, but I’m putting it here so it doesn’t fall by the wayside.  I asked my little sister to collect clothes my niece, age now two and a half, has grown out of, to have a go at making a memory for her grown up bed.  I keep forgetting to pick up the bag of clothes when I visit.

So, my to do list for quilting looks like this:

1.  Clear workspace.

2.  Locate unfinished objects.

3.  Collect bag of clothes and have a look and see what we’ve got.

I finally managed to give Red Scatter Squares to it’s new owner and she, well, her mother anyway, is delighted with it.   In fact, she mentioned matching cot bumpers!  This has given me a much needed boost in confidence, and spurred me on to keep on quilting.  Once I locate the projects, I’ll get some photos.

P.S. A new project has reared it’s ugly head:  Folders!  I didn’t think at first that this was going to be a quilting project, but now I think it has enough of a quilting element to be included here.  I want to create a travel journal for my sister in law for christmas, and I think the way to go is by starting with an A5 ring binder. (here’s the pinterest board of ideas I’ve collected.)  This way it will be fully customizable, and pf course, I can cover it in some delicious fabric.  To this end, I ordered some fat quarters of Michael Miller’s forest range, which I’ve been admiring for ages.  If this works, I’ve got a load of ideas for other, similar, projects I want to create.