Got Post!

I love online shopping, it’s great. You get all the excitement of buying something, without the hassle of going to the shops, and then you get to be all excited again when it arrives!

Today’s haul consisted of two packages.

The first contained my brand-new copy of Elizabeth Hartman 's Modern Patchwork. I’ve been following Elizabeth’s Blog, Oh, Fransson, for a while now, and I love her quilts, so when I was deciding what book to buy, one of hers seemed a good choice. I’ve only had the briefest flick through at the moment, but I’ll do a more in depth review once I’ve really explored it.

The second parcel, a small, unassuming jiffy bag, contained a walking foot. Quilting attempts without one on the red Scatter Squares quilt convinced me that this little piece of equipment is pretty much essential for even stitching whilst quilting on a domestic sewing machine. Although the limited instructions made me nervous, It attached itself to my mother’s commandeered Janome with a minimum of fuss, and early experimentation looks promising.

2 thoughts on “Got Post!

  1. Good luck! I began quilting of my own accord, and I make a lot of amateur mistakes. But I enjoy it and am looking forward to learning more via the quilting blogs. Thanks!

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment!
    There are a lot of good quilting blogs out there, encompassed in a vibrant community. It’s one of the things that encouraged me to start up my own one. If you’ve any suggestions about the types of posts you’d like to see, please feel free.

    Although I come from generations of sewers, none of them are quilters, not even my grandmother, who was born in Pennsylvania. (I’m Scottish and in Scotland, btw, where quilting is not really a traditional craft.)

    The walking foot was an exceptional boon, btw. If you haven’t already, get one. I bought an aftermarket one from ebay, and it cost me about £11.00. Finding out what equipment will truly help me without costing an arm and a leg is a constant challenge I’m willing to accept. (more on that later!)

    I’d better go and work on a proper post now!

    Mrs Anderson.

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