Red scatter squares


I’ve finished basting my red scatter squares quilt, (I use Sharon Schamber’s basting method, btw) but the tips of my fingers are still protesting at the treatment I have dished out to them! I really must try and find a suitable thimble. When I did embroidery, I found that a traditional thimble didn’t work for me, but now there are a lot of alternatives available, so I’ll hopefully be able to find something to suit. If not, I’ll just have to grow mighty callouses!


2 thoughts on “Red scatter squares

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    • I pre-shrunk the batting once and it was such a nightmare I don’t think I’ll do it again in a hurry! It was only a cot sized quilt, but I think that manhandling a massive amount of batting for a full size quilt would be a big struggle. After I decided not to pre-shrink the batting, I also decided not to pre-wash the fabrics either, for quilting anyway! I do think I will wash the binding material beforehand though. I would herringbone baste right down the edges if I did decide to wash before binding too, but I’d still worry about fraying. *sigh* Why can there not just be a ‘right’ answer?
      Or, maybe that’s part of the fun!

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